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Natural Inside & Out

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

N A T U R A L - It's a word plastered on so many health and beauty products, but does it actually mean what it implies? Before we started our business in early 2021, we took a nosedive deep into the world of skincare and essential oil ingredients. We encountered dozens of cosmetic/beauty terms being tossed around. Words like organic, natural, plant-based... and so began some in-depth research. Although words like ‘natural’ are often used to define a safer product, it really isn't the case, much of the time. Lax federal regulations mean that claims like “natural,” “nontoxic,” “plant-based” and “free of” have no legal basis in the personal care industry.

But wait, isn't there a USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC label on all natural, non-toxic products you can trust? Maybe. Problem is, a business can still incorporate 5% of any non organic ingredient to a product and not disclose this information on the label. It really is up to the consumer to decide where they want to fall in the spectrum of "natural". To be clear, we are not against synthetics. Certainly not everything is or can completely originate from a farm. That's ok, we just chose a very green approach to healing. For now, at least, we will avoid the pay-for-play green organic stamp and pour those thousands of dollars into our new business.

Since 'natural' is open to interpretation, every company claiming such status must set their own "clean" ingredient standard and personally define what it means. When we started Peruvian Gold, we had to ask ourselves which aspects are most important to us and what kind of trade-offs were we were willing to make. Turns out we weren't willing to settle, after all, we focus on formulating products to enhance your very health and well being. Our organic remedies are made in the tradition and fashion of our ancestors. We are not for everyone and that simply means we can hyper-target our true demographic.

To us, NATURAL, means two things.

(1) Using real, non-lab-made, essential oils sourced from reputable wholesalers. Growing and sourcing organically grown herbs, flowers, butters and oils extracted at precise times of the year to maximize the healing benefits.

(2) Practicing traditional old ways of blending, infusing and extracting herbs and flowers using only minimally processed techniques to maintain the nutritional profile of each ingredient. By avoiding extreme temperatures, chemical processes, and shelf stabilizers, we can boast about our balms' true healing powers.

You can shop our balms faithfully knowing that we use REAL ingredients vetted at the

source and chosen with precision and thoughtfulness. No fillers, no fake, just naturally good for you.

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