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Image by Arun Geetha Viswanathan

Inspired by peruvian roots

Peruvian Gold began long before we came into existence, inspired by our own native roots. Legend tells of a Lost City of Gold somewhere deep between the Andes and the Amazon where a massive hoard of Inca treasure was hidden from European Invaders. Most who trekked the perilous journey through the dense jungle perished in pursuit. What they failed to see, was that the Amazon is nature's greatest pharmacy, and also it's greatest treasure. The ancient Peruvians knew this and took full advantage of their rich rain forest for medicinal purposes.

This ancient legend reminds us that real treasure isn't gold, but the rituals and traditions passed on through the art of story telling. Powerful lasting legacies are those shared through generations,

such as our founder's own Healing Balm inspired by a family recipe. We leverage traditional methods of herbal preparation such as infusions, fermentation and tinctures to bring you safe and natural wellness products.

Peruvian Gold, for us, means connection to family, honoring nature, and staying grounded in our ancestral

roots. Every hand made balm is created to benefit your well being, that to us is far more precious than gold.

Machu Pichu
Cocoa pod
Rainbow mountain peru
Sacha Inchi Nut
Inca gold medalion

We now offer a full line of traditionally made topical balms and nourishing lip balms. Each wellness balm carries our Amazonian Sacha Inchi oil. This beautiful Inca peanut is the worlds single greatest source of Omega 3 fatty acids among other benefits.

All of our products are hand crafted in Swansboro, North Carolina. We produce small-batches, ensuring our customers always receive fresh and effective product using only the purest ingredients from trusted producers. We remain inspired by our founders Peruvian roots and committed to bringing wellness and balance into your life.

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